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what is hummingbird?
Hummingbird integrates, automates, and standardizes your business, providing a consistent experience for your customers from first-click to move-out.

​​​​​​​Our team keeps innovating the Storage Industry by enhancing the platform to make the process as easy as it can be. In this project, I collaborated with other team members and departments to create intuitive human-centric experiences when managers manage multiple reports, static and dynamic.
Project Team
Design, Product Owner, Content Writer, Product Manager, Project Analyst, & Engineering
Duration: 2 weeks, July 2021
Target Audience
Business Owners, Managers, and Sales Representative
What is the problem?
Reports can be overwhelming to managers at a first glance when facing unfamiliar patterns. Currently, the reports create cognitive load, decision fatigue, when managers attempt a task like viewing, downloading, scheduling, or sharing them with others.
When doing a competitive analysis from other companies like Storable, we found familiar features that are going to mitigate the cognitive load when managing with reports. These features such as Tooltip (hover over), date range, schedule, and combining static and dynamic reports are meant to help managers to make intuitive decisions.
“Managers spend most of their time on other sites, and they prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know” - UX LAW
Facilitate use cases when managing reports and sharing them
Increase learnability by using familiar patterns and mental models
• Use Design system to alleviate the amount of time and money to create familiar patterns
• Keep in mind user-friendly interfaces for users who have low-vision, memory, and aging issues
# Why's
Why would the manager want to Use reports?
So the manager can check specific information, stay informed, share, and analyze them.
Why would the manager want to do that?
Because the can create potential projections, opportunities, find discrepancies that may affect business.
Why does the manager want to do that?
To keep every manager aware and informed about the reports.
Why does the manager need to know that?
To know if someone needs additional assistance.
Why would the manager care about that?
Fears other managers are not informed.
Manager flow
Manager flow
User Cases & Scenarios
Jacob's user 3
User flow
1 in 5 users will eventually suffer from some sort of disability such as low vision, memory, hearing, cognitive, and aging issues. Therefore, applying flexibility and mental models for managers that may suffer from a disability was crucial for the project.
The tooltip over will be adding additional context regarding the report(s). Also, ensured proximity in the design by grouping the reports and place them inside the accordion.
Hover over
Mary's Statement
Date Range
Managers will be able to utilize the new feature, date range. This allows the manager to obtain specific reports by customizing the the dates. Moreover, the reports dates are displayed horizontally so managers with low vision are able see all the visual elements.
Selecting date range
Grecia's statement
View report/fixed - Sticky row
Dynamic reports that deal with percentages and numbers will be shown at the bottom of the reports as sticky bottom. This allows the managers the quantity and totals of  numeric or percentage expressions such as capacity, balance, payments, etc.

Interface layout works well with the keyboard. For managers who suffer from low vision have the option on using the keyboard such as space, arrows, enter, mouse grid, and tabs to navigate through the page.
Fixed Column
Grecia's statement 2
Schedule Reports - Frequency
Manager is now able to select the frequency of the report. This will allow the manager to enable productivity by setting how often the report will be created and focus on other important tasks.
Selecting Frequency
Jacob's statement
Searching Report(s)
Managers have now control of the selecting multiple reports by selecting their style and format. Additionally, the chips are introduced in this feature to allow the user to accumulate and display multiple reports.
Searching recipients gif
Jacob's statement 2
Searching Recipient(s)
Managers are now able to select and enter multiple recipients to send the reports. This allows the managers to save more time when selecting and deciding who to share these reports with.
Searching recipients gif
jacob's statement 3
I presented the reports project and received the approval for final development.  Overall, the reports page is now in a progressive enhancement stage and the functionality pattern and accessibility will continue to evolve but the manager's behavior will remain the same.
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